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It’s Day 13 or so of quarantining and social distancing — and it’s safe to say that majority of us are over it. We miss our friends, we miss our families. We miss outside.

But unfortunately, for the next couple of weeks, its of the highest importance that we stay inside and practice social distancing to protect ourselves and others from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now that the world has come to a screeching halt, many events, birthdays and travel plans have been cancelled.

But don’t fret! There’s always a way. Check out our list below of lit ways to honor your cancelled plans

1. Miss jamming at the party to your favorite tunes?

Thank goodness for cultural veterans like @DjDNice who managed to turn quarantining into a world wide party. Everyone from Michelle Obama to Ava DuVernay to Joe Biden joined Nice’s Instagram to be apart of the global party. Check Dj D-NIce’s Instagram for details on his next “Couch Party”.


2. Can’t go to the gym?

Just because the world stopped, doesn’t mean that Instagram influencers have.  Hit up Youtube or Instagram to join your favorite celebs daily workout routine.


3. Aries SZN was literally cancelled. 

Having a FaceTime party with friends is the best way to celebrate your ruined birthday plans. Throw in a party theme, grab some drinks, plug your phone into the speakers, and turn up!


4. Binge-drinking during Spring Break with friends.

There’s nothing a good ol’ group chat Facetime Happy Hour can’t fix. Call your friends and get the shots flowing.

5. Missing the great outdoors?

Experts say that going for a jog and a walk outside is okay, as long as you practice social distancing. Six feet the least.



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