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Find Out How Many Points Kobe Bryant Scored Every Single Day Of The Year

Since news broke on Sunday that NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and 7 others were killed in a helicopter crash over Calabasas, fans have been finding it hard to cope. Whether you were a huge supporter of Kobe while he was alive or you just find it hard to focus on anything but how devastated Vanessa and the rest of Bryant’s family must be, the world is still far from recovering from this immense loss.

With all the sadness going around, a lot of people have found different creative outlets to put their energy into, helping us remember the huge impact Kobe had on the game of basketball before his retirement in 2016. One specific invention is catching a lot of fans’ attention, as it will be particularly useful for reminding all of us just how incredible of a player Bryant was in a way that’s not too heavy.

A Reddit user by the name of  mattyicee123 created a site called On This Day Kobe, which shows you how many points Kobe scored on this day, every single day. For example, let’s look at the stats for today, January 30th.

Kobe Bryant scored a total of  197 total points on January 30 throughout his career:
This is the type of website that you forget exists for a few weeks, then get really excited to jump back on a see how many buckets Kobe scored on any particular day. Fans on Twitter are already talking about setting reminders for their birthdays so they can remember to look at how many points Kobe’s scored on their big days.
Such a simple website, but a seriously amazing concept.

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