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New year, new emojis! 117 new emojis have been approved to be rolled out with the Emoji 13.0 update coming later this year. The new release features a variety of gender-inclusive/neutral symbols, some pretty cool animals, and even bubble tea! There’s also some new ninjas along with an “Italian Hand Gesture” which is not to be confused with a “chef kiss,” although I will probably use it as a chef kiss.

Most of the gender-neutral emojis will expand on the original ones, such as gender-neutral person and a mustachioed man wear wedding veils, and a gender-neutral person in a tuxedo. It’s likely that manufactures of smartphones and other devices will begin incorporating the new set of emojis in a software update later this fall.

117 New Emojis Revealed for 2020  was originally published on radionowindy.com