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Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers st

Source: GABRIEL BOUYS / Getty

Getting inked may have been a taboo thing in the past, but today’s society embraces tats like they’re modern-day birth marks. With that said, anything seen as an act of rebellion almost always becomes something mainstream and trendy over time. Like getting people’s face tattooed on your body. 

Having ink of a person’s face to honor them is nothing new — but when fans started tatted their favorite celebs name or likeness on them, that’s when ish got real.  Some of the ink makes sense. Like honoring the legacy of the late, great Kobe Bryant whom we lost prematurely

Then there are tats like these:



Either way, when it comes to getting inked, it’s your body so do what you want. Take Drake for example. He doesn’t care what anyone has to say about his miscellaneous ink. He went from bare skin to the #teamTatted King.


In the celebrity world, it’s more bizarre to have a classic tattoo than it is to have an abnormal, extraordinary one. Check out these other celebs and their crazy and cool tattoos in the gallery below.

What The Ink? Jacquees’ Face, Mamba’s Memory & More Crazy Celeb Tattoos   was originally published on globalgrind.com