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It wouldn’t be right if Tom didn’t get to talk to one of his favorite TJMS characters, Melvin! As soon as he began talking Tom knew who he was. Melvin was glad to be back with the crew for a “festive and lively occasion,” after all he says he and Tom go way back, “like reclining chairs.”

Tom plans to sleep in and relax during his retirement and Melvin has a few book suggestions for him.  “Indoor grilling with space heater” and “The Rainbow Guide To Camping” were both written by Melvin and he thinks Tom will enjoy them.

As fun as Melvin is, Tom really wanted to talk to the man behind the character, Kevin Woodson. 25 years ago the three of them started the TJMS in Chicago and when Tom got the call to be syndicated he moved the crew down to Dallas.

Tom’s Surprise: It’s Melvin!  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com