Have you scheduled your mammogram, yet?

Please do it today, because a new report from the American Cancer Society says that Black women continue to be at higher risk of breast cancer death compared with their white counterparts, even though the overall mortality rate for the disease has continued to decline.

The breast cancer death rate was 40% higher in black women compared with white women.  Especially among black women younger than age 50, who die at double the rate from the disease than white women.  Breast cancer is now exceeds lung cancer as the cause of death among black women in six states (Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina).

The report goes on to say that these higher breast cancer death rates among black women could be due to various factors, including being later stage diagnosis and less access to timely and high-quality prevention, early detection, and treatment services.

Call your friends and family and get everyone to schedule their mammograms today.


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