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Erica Campbell has been working on bettering herself and her prioritizing her personal growth, now she’s helping others do the same. Her new book, “More Than Pretty: Doing the Soul Work that Uncovers Your True Beauty” is available now.

She tells the TJMS crew that she’s a firm believer that, “we all have growing to do and we need tools to kind of help us.” In the book she’s very open and honest about things she has gone through and struggled with.

One of the most interesting and telling things she’s done is pray that God “reveal who needs to be gone. repair the relationship if it can be and if not remove them and once you remove them replace them.” She says after that things began shifting, even within the family. For example, she had always worked with her sister, so she didn’t know how to “rock” on her own. You have to be “bold” enough and actually ready for change.

“It’s a book but it’s almost a workbook” she explains, it really calls you to work on yourself as you read it.

She decided to name the book “more than pretty” because she’s had “an interesting relationship with the word pretty.”

The book is available now everywhere books are sold and the audio book online.


Erica Campbell’s New Book ‘More Than Pretty’ Encourages Personal Growth  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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