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Two issues stood out most on tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood. Yoyo is experiencing ageism from her own daughter, and A1’s mother tried it when she insinuated that it’s Lyrica’s fault that A1 ain’t treating her right. Let’s start with Yoyo. We know she has been helping other rappers work on their technique through her rap school, but she’s also planning a musical comeback. 

She basically described her comeback as being the Yoyo we know, but with modern sensibilities. That’s going to be interesting given the mumble app tendencies of today’s most popular hits. If anything, the fans that grew up with her might be interested in hearing what she’s working with…or maybe not. It really is a mixed bag because people are so finicky but also arbitrary these days when it comes to what entertainment they like. Plus, this culture is dominated by youth and that is where Yoyo’s pregnant daughter comes in because a lot of people may feel Yoyo should fall back. 

Yoyo’s daughter feels like mom is doing too much, and wants her to settle down. She obviously wants her mom to settle down for selfish reasons. She wants her mom around to play grandma and help with the baby. Instead of being tactful about it she says, “You’ve always been working, it’s time for you to settle down you’re a grandma.” 

Yoyo replies, “Girl bye!” 

And it makes you wonder, why can’t Yoyo have everything she wants? It’s possible for her to be working and a doting grandmother. Why are people so bothered when women of a certain age are still about pursuing their passions? Do you think it would be a different response if Yoyo were a man? 

Let’s fast forward a bit. The episode ends with Lyrica and A1’s dysfunction. They’re not happy and haven’t been for a while. They both initially said they were going to try to work it out but then Lyrica said she found out about more infidelity that A1 was dishonest about and this makes her not sure about their future. It doesn’t help that A1’s mother, Pam, steps into the fray and creates more chaos. Pam called herself stepping in to help and only made things worse. She especially tried it when she said, “Men do stuff because of women.” Then she added that Lyrica never cooks. Basically, she’s saying that A1 cheating is Lyrica’s fault. 

A1’s goofy self is there agreeing with his mother. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people have the archaic and baseless view that a failed relationship is the woman’s fault. However, it’s obvious that A1 and Lyrica both play a part in their issues. If they’re serious about working it out then perhaps a therapist (or even Marriage Bootcamp) is the best option. But if not, they should probably move on instead of playing tit for tat games, and definitely keep the meddling mamas out of their business. 

Was A1’s mother out of pocket with her comments?


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