Today is Black women’s Equal Pay Day and it is to emphasize the racial and gender disparities in U.S. worker pay.

“80% of Black mothers are the primary or sole breadwinners of their households.  They are paid only $.61 per $1.00 paid to white, non-hispanic men.”

That means that over a 40-year career, that means that sisters make $946,120 less than white men, according to the National Women’s Law Center.

And according to PayScale, these figures hide disparities across race. It is reported that Asian women have the smallest uncontrolled gender pay gap, earning $0.93 for every $1 earned by white men. White women are earn $0.80 for every dollar white men earn.

But Black, Hispanic and American Indian and Alaskan Native women make just $0.74 for every dollar earned by white males.


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