International Gospel Singer and Queen City Son, Pastor John P Kee says that Queen Naija stole his song!

“Kee Wit” says that Naija’s Billboard charting song ‘Karma” is actually HIS song, “Life & Favor {You Don’t Know My Story.}

The drama started on social media when fans of Pastor Kee said that the two songs having similar hooks.  Queen Naija basically blew the story off and that was the wrong move!

Pastor Kee responded by writing that “never would I try to shame a young artist! But be advised I’m not just an old gospel artist! I’m a business man,” he replied. “I’ve been a publisher for over 35 years. This is bigger than her. Staff, producers, management, agents, etc. should have handled this properly out the gate.”

In other words, don’t play with the pastor’s money!

Do they sound alike to you?



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