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Celebrities enjoy festive fun with their families at the launch of Enchanted Christmas Season at Disneyland Paris

Source: (C)2018 DISNEY/Supplied by WENN.com / WENN

A family at Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California, proves that it is a small world after all as they decided to act like clowns in Toontown and get into a major fist fight that was caught on video and has now gone viral.

Here is what we know.

A fight broke out when a woman spit on a man then he sucker punched her in the face. Others jumped in men punching women, one woman can be scene pushing a baby stroller when she got in it. Then a woman on a motorized scooter tried to break it up and she got punched and knocked to the ground. All of this happened in Toontown a section of the park for toddlers.

Oh, who were these people…relatives, allegedly.

Bystanders that where there ended up trying to break the fight up until park security came.  The family was then booted out of the park.  No word as of yet whether charges have been filed.

Do you know how much money it costs to go to Disney!!  I wonder did Mickey Mouse and the crew give folks their money back for having to endure all that?  I feel so sorry for the baby’s who can be seen with these people during the fight.   SMH!!

Check out the viral video below. [WARNING THIS VIDEO IS GRAPHIC IN NATURE]

Family Throwing Down At Disneyland Goes Viral !? [VIDEO]  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com