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No matter what size you are, swimsuit shopping is usually not something to look forward to.  Bikinis look hot on the mannequins but never seem to fit you the right way.  The thought of one-pieces makes some people cringe: they think of either swimming lessons or their grandma.  But have no fear! Monokinis are in, available in a variety of styles allowing people to look sexy while covering up whatever they want to.

So what exactly is a monokini? A bikini? A one piece? It’s a little of both.  It is essentially a one piece bathing suit with different parts cut out depending on the style.  They can come in halter, strapless, backless, and everything between.  A style that has been in a lot is a one piece with the sides cut out.  It looks like a stylish one piece that shows enough and still makes you feel comfortable.  Monokinis cover everything that a bikini covers with the option to cover up a little more.  This makes monokinis perfect for all body types. Want to flaunt your chest and hide your hips? Get a monokini with a scandelous top and a covered bottom.

The downside of monokinis is the awkward tan-line. Because there are so many different styles, you could end up with a tan-line of stripes down up and down your stomach.  Just get some good sunscreen and enjoy the perks of monokinis! They are a hot summer style that won’t be denied- they work for everyone!

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