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Cropped Hand Holding Pink Condom Packet Against White Background

Source: Tridsanu Thophet / EyeEm / Getty

The internet is buzzing after the arrival of an Argentine company’s “consent” condom pack. Apparently, four hands are required to open the pack of rubbers, which are reportedly meant to encourage conversation about consensual sex.

In a demonstration video posted to Tulipán Argentina’s social media, the tagline states “If they don’t say yes, that means no,” adding “Consent is the most important thing in sex.”

“Ad agency BBDO Argentina created the ‘Consent Pack’ for Tulipán,” CBS News reports. “The box can only be opened if four hands simultaneously press buttons on each side of the box, unlocking the condom inside. The limited edition condom packages were placed at bars and events around Buenos Aires. The company is also sharing information about the product on social media with the hashtag #PlacerConsentido, or ‘permitted pleasure.’” The condoms will reportedly be available for purchase later this year.

Now that you know what consent condoms are, let’s move on to the problematic implications — the most obvious being the fact that consent MUST HAVE happened simply because two people opened this pack of condoms.

See what other women are saying about what Tulipán’s creation below… just a heads up, the consensus seems to be that they aren’t, in the least bit, helpful.

“If a man doesn’t care about your consent I can promise you he doesn’t care about putting on a condom first” – @blaec_francis

“Stunned at this. This doesn’t prove consent in the first place, and consent can change at any time before or after a condom is opened. How have they not thought this through?” – @MissLaraBelle

“The worrying thing is that this frames consent as a ‘discussion’ and implies that the real issue is that women might make it up/exaggerate after consensual sex. This is a product designed essentially to protect men from rape accusations, not to protect women from rape. feel like we see this a lot when we talk about consent – products and strategies devised (usually by men) which address the problem of ‘women saying they get raped’ rather than ‘women experiencing sexual assault’. I know it’s an ad agency gimmick but that still matters.” – @h0llyb4xter

“From: Land of Useless & Unnecessary Things” – @KellyShibari

“I know this is probs just a way to try and go viral but: 1. This dumbs down the idea of healthy communication re: sex in a harmful way 2. It’s the condom equivalent of dudes asking for recorded videos of consent 3. Putting on a condom ≠ automatic consent of all sexual activity” – @jaypugz

“Bloody hell. Making condoms harder to use isn’t going to encourage consent!!” – @sianushka

To be honest, guys are also quite confused. Take the spot-on tweet just above, for example.

Where do you stand?


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