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Mariah Carey Concert Afterparty At Sugar Factory American Brasserie On Ocean Drive In Miami

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Mariah Carey has been in the game for over 30 years now and some folks still don’t know that the Queen had a gangster side.

“IDC what the anyone says.. MARIAH CAREY IS that hood chick. Rich af, but still hood. I love it”. -@Gallyo

To most people’s surprise, the pop diva didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in her her mouth. Back in 2018 MC, whose mother is Irish and father is Black and Afro-Venezuelan, opened up to Pitchfork about her early struggles growing up as an impoverished biracial kid and how it was difficult to fit in.

“Somebody once said in the hallway to me at school, ‘Oh, she got three shirts in rotation.’ It was mortifying. But that’s because my mom chose to live in predominantly white neighborhoods, where people had more money than us, and I didn’t fit in there. Or in an all black neighborhood when my parents were together; as a mixed couple, they had problems there. So there was not one safe place.”- Mariah Carey

One thing about Mariah is that no matter how Hollywood she got, she always managed to keep it a lil hood.

“She invented pop artists collabing with rappers lol fantasy ft ODB. She’s the queen of that. Known, unknown, gangsta rap, commercial.. she don’t care lol.”- @RihJLaw

If you don’t acknowledge Mariah as the lovely, gangsta, diva angel that she is,  it just means you’re slacking on your MiMi knowledge.  If you watch very closely, you’ll see when the Hollywood Diva goes from Mariah to Mimi who doesn’t take crap from anyone and knows how to have a simple, good time.

Like the time she went to the hood to drink wine and hang out with Dame Dash and Noreaga. Classic:

Or when she and Lee Daniels put Wendy Williams in her place:


Hit the flip to see more times Mariah Carey’s inner (confident, unapologetic, laid back, tell-it-like-it-is) hood goddess came out and shut ish down.

Yass MiMi: 8 Times Mariah Carey’s Hood Side Showed It’s A**  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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