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I read this on essay on “The Counting My Blessings” website and it made me weep.  My family is coming up on a the 1 year anniversary of my Daddy’s death in April and it has been very difficult for us,

I just want to remind all the lucky people who are still blessed with living parents to get over themselves and take a moment to really appreciate the gift that they have,  Call your Mom and Dad, right now, and let them know that you love them.

I can promise you that is so much easier to make a phone call than to leave flowers on a gravestone.

“Today is the day to finally let mom and dad off the hook for their failure to be perfect.

Your parents messed up . . . maybe so much that you vowed not to parent the way you were parented.

But children don’t come with instruction manuals, and at some point every parent gets smacked with the reality that the task of getting children from birth to adulthood is bigger and harder than they ever imagined.

People who know how to parent perfectly do not have children. 

People who have children know loving is the easy part, and every other part . . . is full of questions and doubt.

This is the day to stop, think back, and realize that you mom and dad did the best they could. They weren’t perfect and that’s okay.

It’s Forgive Mom and Dad day.

Seriously, let it go!

God chose your parents, and He chose them for a reason. Even with their imperfections they were perfect for you.

So, use today to forgive them for being less . . . than you believe you needed, than they should have been or than you wanted.”

Hope these words inspire some forgiveness in your heart!


Listen below to see how superstar LL Cool J had to work his way to forgiveness towards his father.