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If you haven’t had the pleasure of vibing out to Summer Walker‘s music, you’re late. Get on it.

The Atlanta singer-songwriter is taking over the R&B world with her infectious tunes and heartfelt lyrics. One of fans’ personal favorites is Walker’s song “Girls Need Love” off her Last Day Of Summer EP. Girls can never say they want it/Girls can never say how/Girls can never say they need it/Girls can’t never say now, she sings on the chorus—and if you’re a girl, chances are you feel those simple, but all too true, lyrics deep in your soul.

Slightly graphic, her verses also hit a nerve. I just need some d*ck/I just need some love/Tired of f*cking with these lame n*ggas, baby/I just need a thug, is a moment on the track that’ll make you reconsider your roster and question your d*ck decisions as of late, for instance.

But now, a song we already love gets even better as Drake hopped on the remix and his lyrics let us know that he, too, understands the plight of a woman in need of a good…session.

Fucked up, shouldn’t even have to justify/I get it I’m on your side/guys get their way all the time/Besides, pleasure not meant for one side/ You should just do what’s best for your mind, he sings on his first verse of 2019. That isn’t all *AllegedlyGoodD*ckPapi* had to say, though. Tune in up top, plus the most hilarious and thirsty responses from social media below.

Music lovers called out some other fire bars from Drake’s verse that are sure to get panties soaked.

One woman says he properly explained her sexual orientation when he sang “arched back, deep stroke, white wine, weed smoke.”

Another user hilariously commented that “Drake’s verse is EXACTLY what ya girl’s work husband be saying to her when he walk by her desk.” Facts?

Someone’s coochie “hurts so good” after Drake revealed his “best combination.”

Fatima has a question for the fellas…were y’all paying attention when Drake sang “pleasure not meant for one side?”

“You just need some d*ck with no complications”…another standout moment from Drizzy.

Queen Shirine posted her reaction, in which she says “I didn’t even know I needed this,” adding “I needed singing n*gga Drake!” Facts, Queen.

In what is probably our favorite response, one woman says “I’m getting pregnant to the Summer Walker remix w/ Drake.” She don’t care, she don’t care.

Needless to say, the 6 God “went crazy” on this one. Enjoy!

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