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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Three

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder begins with Annalise meeting with Gabe. He named her as his lawyer and you know she’s a fixer at heart so here we are. Her kids warn her that Gabe might be working with the FBI, trying to get her to say something on a wire. Annalise confronts Gabe about this and he denies having a wire on him, of course. Then he reveals that they asked him about whether he saw Miller at the wedding or not but won’t tell him why he’s in custody. Annalise still doesn’t trust him so she calls him out and that’s all it takes for him to admit that he actually did speak to Miller before the wedding. Basically, Miller asked for his help in investigating Annalise. In exchange for Gabe’s help, Miller would help him find out what happened to Sam. That’s why Gabe got in with Miller.

Meanwhile, the main FBI agent on the case reaches out to Tegan and asks her some questions about Miller and says it seems that Annalise could be involved. Tegan doesn’t buy that and she’s just looking like:

She doesn’t think (or doesn’t want to think) Annalise is involved and tries to throw the agent off by suggesting Jorge Castillo, but the agent says she can’t find anything connecting him so that’s that.

Finally, we learn that Gabe is being accused of terrorism. They have a photo of him at a police shooting protest. Their claim is that he threw chemicals at police and in the photo his face is fully covered. The photo is a nod to the iconic photo we from the Ferguson protests. Anyway, Annalise points out that you can’t even see his face so this claim is baseless, but the judge sets his bail at one millie anyway.

Later on, it turns out the man in the pic was actually Gabe. Basically, he was throwing teargas BACK at the police. Problem is, authorities claim to have more proof of “terrorism.” Annalise figures they’re using this to try to get him to turn on them (which later turns out to be true) but it’s all good, Annalise and her kids are working to get Gabe out.

Michaela tells Annalise and crew that she’s on to Tegan, which is why she dug up an incriminating email referring to her as “Jane Doe.” It signals her out as the Whistleblower. Michaela thinks they should send it to her anonymously as a warning to keep her from flipping. Laurel is concerned that her father will kill Tegan if he finds out about this. However, Annalise agrees to send it under the condition that they won’t be traced. You know Oliver got this handled, and when Tegan gets the email and she is shook, looking like:

Now we’re back in court with Annalise and Gabe. Basically, Frank bugging Gabe’s apartment comes in handy. Annalise’s kids combed over that footage and end up finding video of FBI agents planting evidence in Gabe’s apartment. Annalise says that Gabe was so nervous about being stalked that he bugged his own place. This whole time Gabe was looking like this on the low:

But in the end, Annalise gets the charges dropped because she’s nice like that. Gabe is obviously pissed about being spied on but at the end of the day, they tell him the knew he was shady from jump and that he better be grateful Frank did bug his place.

Franke, Nate, and Bonnie tell Annalise that one of the numbers Miller called was in Cleveland. Basically, Miller dug up Annalise’s adoption papers and gave them to the governor. They want to use this as a link between the two. Annalise gets triggered because obviously, this is a sore spot. She tells them to take what’s left of her and storms out.

Annalise reaches out to Gabe and tells him about wanting to adopt Wes and how that didn’t work out because of Sam. Then she tells him about the governor having a target on her back and having Nate Sr. killed. Gabe still makes it clear that he doesn’t trust her but she reminds him she got him off, he owes her. Got ‘em!

Next, we see Gabe telling the FBI agent that Miller told him that Annalise tried to adopt Wes and that this was proof that Annalise killed Sam. He then says he heard Miller on the phone about the adoption talking to someone named Lynn. The agent is looking like:

Lynn is the governor. This all sounds like it’s going smoothly, but the FBI agent things all of Annalise and co are trying to play her. Then again, what if Annalise and co want her to think they’re trying to play her?

Then we get back to Bonnie, who mysteriously tells Nate that it’s time. Fast forward a bit and that’s when the story breaks that DA Miller’s body was found.

Next, we cut to Bonnie telling Frank that it was Nate’s idea. Then the news report says the FBI was seen headed to the governor’s mansion and they don’t know why. But we know why.

The episode concludes with Annalise’s kids together, watching the news report, after having combed through all the photos from the wedding to make sure Miller isn’t in any them. They think they went through all the pics, and Asher jumps the gun thinking this is a victory for them, but then his phone goes off. Connor’s mother posted a photo of herself with Asher at the wedding, but Nate and Miller are having a heated exchange with each other in the background.

There are only two episode’s left so the question remains: Will they get away with it again?


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