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Black woman with disgusted attitude at waterfront

Source: Granger Wootz / Getty

What in the hell…

Once again, PETA got a little outrageous to prove a point. This time, the animal rights organization has had the internet up in arms for days after leading people to believe a dog was grilled in the name of better treatment for all living things.

“PETA supporters grill a dog on the streets of Sydney, Australia to raise the question ‘If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a lamb?” PETA tweeted, alongside a photo of what appeared to be a cooked pup, adding “If you find these images disturbing, but you eat meat, think about your perception.”

We won’t repost the graphic image, but you can view it here. Of course, it didn’t take long for the internet to respond.


“This is too graphic.. why do you guys have a dead dog?” – @LadyThriller69

“PETA Boss: How do we get people to not eat meat? PETA Intern: Let’s GRILL A DOG and tell people not to eat it because dogs are like lambs and lets show it to the world to cause severe trauma to both kids and adults! PETA Boss: B r i l l i a n t” – @BrownTable_Ent

Even PETA supporters were disgusted by the tweet.

“Why the hell would you do that. That is no way to show awareness. I am ashamed to say I support you. Not anymore If you are capable of this.” – @tommimkas

“I don’t believe in animal cruelty in anyway I believe all animals should be treated with kindness . However I have no respect for #PETA they really went to far with the Sydney dog bbq stunt !! It was beyond sick and twisted and damaging towards the children who saw it !” – @spencer11700800

“Absolutely shocking, disgusting and outright sickening to do this! It should be illegal trying to force your views on folk! If it’s not vegans it’s bible bashers in town or jehovahs banging on the door. #harassment” – @JanNichol

Apparently, real dogs weren’t used for the photos…but PETA didn’t let social media know until after the fact and weren’t apologetic at all when they informed the public.

“The ‘dog’ isn’t real; it’s a prop” PETA stated, adding “If the idea of eating a dog repulses you, please extend that compassion to all other animals and go vegan.”

Regardless of whether or not the dog was real, people weren’t too happy with the stunt.

“‘It’s just a prank bro.’ – peta 2019” – @LauraNayel0512

“Rarely do I feel afraid to share something on Twitter. But there is a image posted by @peta Of a presumably fake prop of a dog being cooked in public. I won’t share that I understand their message but what a horrible way to go about it. Shameful.” – @Boogie2988

Did PETA take things too far…again? Chime in.


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