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Have y’all heard that Kim Kardashian is trying to tell folks that she was high when she filmed the sex tape with Ray J!  Really?

Mrs. West told TMZ in a recent interview that you could tell that she was high on ecstasy because her lips were quivering the whole time.

Ray J begs to differ on the situation and says that they never even touched any ecstasy during the tape and that Kim was in complete control of what she was doing the whole time.  He went on to say that he is offended that Kim would suggest that she only did the tape because she was “in an altered state’ and that, truth be told, ‘her lip were quivering because she was getting ******!”

Kim’s side of the story is that she has taken ecstasy twice — the first time that she when she married her first husband back in 2000 and again when she filmed the infamous R Jay Superstar tape in 2003.

Is this supposed to be a “MeToo” moment for her?

Sorry, as a woman, who has personally dealt with sexual assault, this new version of her story just doesn’t sit well with me. She got paid for this tape and has publicly used it as fodder for creating a mulit-million dollar career, right?

How does it make you feel?