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We are just one day away from Halloween and I’m not trying to be the costume police, but trust me, you can put together a fun costume without being offensive!

Here’s a guide line to costumes that will never be funny and that you should stay away from!

1-“Psych Patient”-This costume can be triggering to those who live with mental illnesses and also plays into stigmas that mentally ill people are “violent,” or possessed by evil spirits.

2-“Nazi”-There is nothing funny about dressing up in the style of this hate group who committed acts of genocide and violence against Jewish people, gay people, disabled people and anyone else who did not fit in with their ‘Nationalist” ideology.

3-Any costume that uses Black, Brown, or Yellow face. Ask Megyn Kelly.  She’s an expert on this one.

4-‘Native Princess”-These costumes objectify Indigenous women and appropriate native cultures.

5-“Geisha”-geisha costumes are often done with “Yellow Face” makeup and they play on the racist stereotypes about Asian women.

6-“The Wall”-Dressing up as Trump’s border wall is not funny and his administration has put policies in place that are openly anti-immigrant, and hurt families and children who are seeking refuge by crossing the U.S. and Mexico border.

7-“Physical Disabilities”- Pretending to be Handicapped as part of your costume. Nobody should be pretending to be disabled for “fun.”

“Basically, bigotry is never funny.”