The custodians at Walt Disney World and Disneyland have outed the world-famous theme parks as one of the most popular places to scatter the ashes of their loved ones!

The clean up crew claim that the guests do it so often, that the staff has a special code word for it: “HEPA Cleanup” and notifies the staff to bring out their super ultrafine vacuum cleaner.

They say it happens at least once a month and that the most popular place to leave the ashes is inside of The Haunted Mansion.  The custodians said “The Haunted Mansion probably has so much human ashes in it that it’s not even funny,”

The park guest also spread the Human ashes in flower beds and in water rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, the Dumbo ride moat, and It’s a Small World.

That’s one way to always know that your loved one is resting in “The Happiest Place On Earth.”


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