Former Carolina Panthers, Rae Carruth, who in 2001 was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder in the shooting death of his pregnant girlfriend, was released just after 8 a.m. this Monday morning from the Sampson Correctional Institution in Clinton, North Carolina.

Carruth did not speak to any reporters as he left the prison and there is no word as to whether he will stay in North Carolina.

Carruth’s son, Chancellor Lee Adams, who is now 18 years old, was not there this morning at Rae’s release.

Chancellor, survived the shooting while in his mother’s womb, but the extreme loss of blood and oxygen the night of his birth caused permanent brain damage, resulting in cerebral palsy. Cherica’s mother, Saundra Adams, has raised her grandson since his birth.

Recently, Carruth told a Charlotte television station that he ” just truly want to be forgiven.”


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