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Film director Malcolm D. Lee added his unique style to the 2018 voter turnout effort through a satirical video message that also comments on the wave of white women calling 911 on Black people for no good reason.

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An Instagram post that appeared on Saturday said Lee teamed up the progressive group @a_c_r_o_n_y_m and comedian Roy Wood Jr. for a “PSA encouraging everyone to VOTE!!”

This comes against the backdrop of voter suppression efforts in Georgia and the onslaught of racist political ads from Republicans who are desperate to hold on to power.

Like BBQ Becky, who called the cops in May on Black folks barbecuing in an Oakland park, a Black man in Lee’s video is alarmed that three young white women are taking selfies in a park. “Have ya’ll made plans to vote in November?” he fearfully asks them.

The Black man calls 911 after learning that the women don’t plan to cast a ballot in the critical 2018 races. He tells the police that a “triple selfie is in progress” and the women don’t plan to participate in the election.

Watch the video below:

Lee’s credits include Night School, Girls Trip and The Best Man. This video is part of the effort to push President Donald Trump out of office over his racism, sexism and a whole lot of other good reasons to defeat him at the polls, as well as ending Republican control of Congress. Although Trump is not on the ballot for the midterms, the election is widely viewed as a referendum on his presidency.


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