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National Dictionary Day is annually celebrated on October 16th!

Celebrate by learning a new word or two today!  Use it in a sentence in a meeting or with your family!  Play a word based game like Scrabble with your friends on-line.

Or better yet, create a word of your own like Vaudeville song and dance man, Bill Bojangles Robinson did!  He is credited with with having introduced a new word, “Copacetic, meaning something is in excellent order or satisfactory, into popular culture.

Bet you didn’t know that Beyonce has added a word to the dictionary, too!  Her use of the word Bootylicious from the 2001 Destiny’s Child song “Bootylicious” (as in “my body is too bootylicious for you…baby”).  It means sexually attractive with especially curvaceous buttocks.”

What word would you like to see added to the dictionary?