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Fans of the ‘Braxton Family Values” can expect a lot of drama this season!  As the series kicks off, watch Tamar and Vince’s messy marriage unfold in front of our eyes as they approach their impending divorce!

And in addition to just trying to live life in front a camera, the Braxton ladies also have deal with negotiating new contracts and salaries for their show and at one point, end up walking off the set!  But, when they come back to finish filming, they are one sister short!  Where is Tamar?  Is she coming back?

How will her absence affect the ratings?  The other sisters rally up past that drama to help Toni plan her wedding to music mogul, Birdman.   And with all this going on, it’s looks like it’s going to be exciting for the fans of the show!

Get all your questions answered by checking out the show on WE tv and be sure to monitor Twitter to see what the other fans are saying while show is on!  The level of funny on social media is off the charts!