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Faith Evans may be a newly married woman (click here for that tea), but the first lady of Bad Boy recently opened up about her sex life with her late ex-husband The Notorious B.I.G..

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During an appearance on the Drink Champs podcast, Mrs. Jordan revealed, “He ate mine a few times. I might have ate his back.” She laughed

Any woman who marries Stevie J has to be a freak in the sheets, so it’s no surprise she revealed she ate Biggie’s booty. While you may be gagging in your mouth, there are plenty of women who proudly have ventured beneath the gooch.

(The gooch, for those who don’t know, is the section between a man’s berries and his anus).

We polled 26 women on social media, who anonymously revealed their reaction to Faith’s admission.

The Results:

5 out of 26 women revealed they have done the deed at least once.

2 out of 26 women said she would do it again

1 woman who originally said “no” said she might do the act under intoxicated circumstances

“Any man who likes his booty ate is gay,” one woman said adding to the stigma men face around sexual fluidity. Is acceptable for men to perform the act on women, but when the tables are turned, their sexuality comes into question.

For some women, it’s the overwhelming thought of it being “gateway” sexual act. “It’s just too much pressure. My mind goes all the way in overdrive thinking too much. Does he want a finger in there next? Where do we go from here. Are you going to want this all the time? Are you going to want some dildo action/are you bi? Do I believe your answer?” another woman said. “I’m just not equipped for the possible ‘extra stuff,’ the groceries is the easy part.”

A woman who once tried it, called it “nasty.” One woman’s nasty is another woman’s sexual pleasure. One woman proudly admitted, “Yes. I’ve done it. My man loved it and I didn’t question his sexuality after. It’s such an intimate act, it takes your sex to the next level.”

What say you readers? Take our poll:

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