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Tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives starts with Shaunie and Evelyn bonding over Shaunie’s love of weed and CBD (since she’s getting into the marijuana business). They discuss all that has been going within their shady group of so-called friends, once again, and Shaunie reiterates that she is not trying to be around Jennifer if she can help it.


Tragedy strikes when OG’s brother passes away. He was only 38, and OG had been taking care of him (he had pneumonia). OG is the one who discovered him unresponsive. She’s devastated and channels her anger and frustration on the field by playing with more aggression than usual. Actually, she’s so aggressive on the field that she gets taken off the field.

On a brighter note, Jackie is in a play and invites all the women, even Evelyn. to come see her flex her acting chops—that is, if Jackie makes it to opening night. She hasn’t been doing well with her lines during rehearsals so her status as an actress is looking kind of shady. In other Jackie news, she goes to therapy, later on, to discuss various issues in her life including, her need to control everything and her strained relationship with her daughter, Takari. It seems like Jackie is really all about that self-improvement life this season. Hopefully the lessons she learns stick.


Tami tells her man that she feels bad about the domestic violence comments she made about Evelyn and she plans to redeem herself, especially since she has been a victim of domestic violence. She was hurt and trying to hurt Evelyn in return and took it too low. We don’t get to find out how this is handled until next week but it’s important to note that Evelyn and Tami will be at Jackie’s play. Hopefully, Evelyn receives her presence gracefully.

Now we’re at Jackie’s play. Most of the women come through (Cece and Shaunie can’t make it) and there’s obvious tension. There’s so much tension that Malaysia, who has arrived with Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood leech Zel Swag, is sitting away from the group. Evelyn goes to greet Malaysia and asks why she’s sitting far away and it’s because of Jennifer. So, about that, we all saw that footage of Malaysia throwing a table and Jennifer so it’s about to get really real at some point.

Anyway, Malaysia obviously doesn’t rock with Jennifer, so messy Zel Swag uses this opportunity to trash talk Jen. You know he loves camera time so he goes all the way in on Jennifer’s fashion choices and alleged stinky breath with Malaysia cosigning. In fairness, he’s riding for his friend, but he’s still messy. Hopefully, Evelyn will keep this to herself but you know what show this is. It wouldn’t be surprising if this info got back to Jennifer. On a brighter note, Kristen and OG squash their beef once Kristen finds out that OG’s brother passed away. OG had a moment before the show started and Kirsten was there to comfort her.

As far as the play, Jackie actually gets it together and does a good job.


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