Congratulations to Brehanna Daniels for being the first African-American Woman to work on a pit crew in a Nascar top series race!

Daniels broke the female of color barrier at the Coke Zero Sugar 400 Race in Daytona Beach when she and fellow female team-mate, Breanna O’Leary changed the tires on the car of Nascar driver, Ray Black, Jr!

It might not seem like a such big deal to change a tire on a car, but, I personally know what a major accomplishment it is, as one of the only Black women who had ever been in the Pit Area at Charlotte Motor Speedway, back in 90’s!  I worked for a Country radio station and they literally had never seen a Black woman with an “All Access” pass at the racetrack back in those days!

Now, thanks to programs like Nascar’s Drive for Diversity, it will be possible to see better representation of minorities who can be in a position to reach the highest levels of employment.

Keep up the great work, Brehanna!  Keep kicking in those glass ceilings!

– @ChirGirl



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