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How much would you pay for Prince’s Jehovah’s Witness Bible?

It’s just one of 27 items being sold by one of Prince’s old bodyguards at an auction!

You also have the chance to bid on his cuff links, sunglasses, some wedge shoes, backstage passes and his famous navy silk suit…which is expected to bring in offers starting at $10k!

I really LIKE Prince…but, not that much!  I don’t like ANYBODY that much!

And then, when you buy something that belonged to a famous person…what are you really going to with it?

Unless you just happen to own a Hard Rock Cafe or something, where are going to put it?  On the wall beside your high school prom picture.  I just don’t get it.

However, if you are the ultimate Prince fan and can ball out like that, make sure you get your bids in to Heritage Auctions by July 21!

– @ChirlGirl