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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta brings us more beef of course, particularly the whole Stevie J vs Erica Mena saga, but hold that thought. We start with Tokyo Vanity living her best performance-life on stage. Tabius shows up because he wants to win her back, but he shows up with Keely, and if you recall, Tokyo Vanity doesn’t rock with Keely so she’s pissed when they come see her backstage. She tells them both to bounce. Surprisingly, Keely leaves peacefully, but Tabius tries to stick around and finesse. However, Tokyo Vanity sticks to her guns and tells him she’s done. She even tosses a bouquet of flowers at him as he leaves just so he knows the hate is real. But hold that thought because later on, Sierra plays a role in getting them back together to at least have a civil conversation. Tabius seems to be sincere in wanting to get another chance and Tokyo says she’ll think about taking him up on his offer for dinner. We all know she’s going to go.


Kirk’s daughter, Kelsie, sets up him up with an ambush. She thinks it’s time for him to see his son, Kannon, and that’s when Jasmine and Kanon come out, right on cue. This meeting goes off without a hitch, and Kannon is super adorable and undeserving of the messiness of the adults around him. Kirk resolves to build a better relationship with him and step up as a father from now on.

Later on, Rasheeda is business as usual. Pressed in Atlanta is doing so well that they had to move into a bigger space. Rasheeda also finally admits that she took Kirk back for real, for real. But then she finds out that he met up with Kannon due to the photo of the two of them being on IG. Kirk mentioned nothing about the meeting to Rasheeda so she’s fake annoyed but it’s cool once Kirk explains the situation about how Kelsie set this up. Kirk also presents the idea of Kannon meeting his siblings and Rasheeda is with it as long as she doesn’t have to be around Jasmine.

It’s a miracle she can stand to be around Kirk, but whatever. None of us have to deal with the stress of her trifling man.


Sierra and Shooter finally finalize their divorce and then we get back to the beef between Stevie J and Erica. You know, the one we’ve been hearing about on #TheBlogs lately about how Stevie called Erica Mena’s son a gay slur and how Stevie allegedly attacked her at the taping of the reunion, so this is us getting to see that unfold. Basically, Stevie feels some type of way because Erica has been calling him. He likes to control women, and Estelita is his latest victim. Speaking of Estelita, now we’re at the Danger Zone showcase where she gets to perform as the first lady.

Erica Mena shows up for Estelita and Stevie obviously isn’t thrilled to see her, especially since she sent him a DM talking crazy. Later on, Stevie’s daughter, Savanna, tries to put the paws on Mena because she saw the offending DM but that good Love and Hip-Hop security shuts it down. Then Just Brittany shows up to start trouble since she wasn’t invited (because Stevie tried to force her into signing a contract with him and she was smart enough nice to) and because Erica and Estelita ruined her showcase in Houston. Just Brittany showing up obviously achieves the intended result. Estelita and Erica run up on Brittany and so does Spic, but again, security handles that. Then Erica finds a stray Louboutin on the floor and pours a drink inside of it only to find out that it’s actually Spice’s shoe.


Stevie is still pissed about Erica so he turns up his petty by reaching out to Rich Dollaz, who happens to be in the A. We all know that Rich is someone who understands the mad mind of Mena. He also put her through a lot so his presence will be a disturbance. But we have to wait until next week to see just how far this goes.


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