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Source: Tetra Images / Getty

So one London woman felt the hard texture of pearly whites in her burger…and no, they weren’t hers.

According to Metro, Melantha Chittenden bought a burger for a barbecue after watching a World Cup match. “I noticed the tooth when I bit down and felt something hard in between my teeth. I almost swallowed it not realizing what it was,” she said. “My immediate reaction was disgust – it made me think about what else goes into burgers and how they are handled if a tooth can end up in one.”







Melantha’s post of the tooth on Twitter resulted in Sainsbury’s replying publicly. “I’m very sorry for the quality Melantha, this isn’t what we expect from the products we sell,” they said. “Can you send us a pic of the barcode? What store was this bought in?”

Melantha sent them the info they asked for and in the end, she got a refund on her burger. Melantha wasn’t too impressed though. “When I [gave] them my nectar card number they put £10 on it – not what I’d expect for finding an actual tooth in my burger but there we are,” she said.

My sentiments exactly.

Aside from the completely gross and disgusting experience, Melantha could have had a near tooth death experience!


But they don’t love her though!


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