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The Basketball Wives are back. We begin with a quick refresher that Jackie Christie is still as nutty as ever this is evident when she brings Malaysia along with her to goat yoga. goat yoga is exactly what it sounds like, you doing yoga while goats roam around the classroom and poop and pee on the mats.


Somehow that is supposed to be relaxing but we can all just file that with Karen’s Potato Salad and other things that belong in the Sunken Place.

Shaunie is in the medical marijuana business and she’s bringing her oldest son on board her ventures. Tami’s career is flourishing. She recently appeared on Wild’n Out and as we know, her Award Winning series, Bonnet Chronicles is doing well. She’s still with her man, Reggie, and they’re in a really good place, even talking marriage. Jennifer is back and dealing with being stalked by her ex-boyfriend. The stalker situation is so severe that Jennifer goes to court to get a temporary restraining order (and it’s granted).

Malaysia’s cousin is former basketball coach Byron Scott. Byron has been parading around with his new boo, Cecelia, who seems to be a newbie on the show. As a matter of fact, Malaysia can’t wait to introduce her family to the crew and plans to do so at a Mardi Gras-themed party.

Before we discuss this party, it’s important to note there’s still tension between Tami and Evelyn, as well as Jackie and Evelyn. Shaunie thinks it’s a good idea for everyone to kumbaya, but that never really works out. Plus, Evelyn is apprehensive about Tami because “you never know which Tami you’re going to get,” which is true, and Evelyn definitely isn’t cool on Jackie. Meanwhile, Jackie claims she doesn’t want smoke but we all know how she does. Blink your eyes at her on the wrong day and she might go off on you.

Now we’re at Malaysia’s party. She seems to think this is going to be the place for everyone to heal.


Things start off cool, and even when Jackie shows up with her daughter, Chantel, it seems like it’s going to be a cool night. Tami isn’t there, which takes some of the heat off. Jackie and Evelyn keep their distance but the tension is thick.

Chantel decides to have a chat with Evelyn. Interestingly enough, Evelyn mentioned that she wanted to say hello to Chantel because she has no problem with her so this is perfect…maybe. Jackie is obviously upset about Chantel making this move but Chantel is grown and we’ve long established who’s the more sane and mature woman here. Chantel goes to chat with Evelyn and says that she hopes Evelyn and her mom can get on the same page. She also says that Jackie is in a less combative space and that she has changed. Evelyn says she’s cool on Jackie because the smack talking about her child is just too low. Chantel respected that, bid farewell and walked away like a class act. But Chantel’s maturity only pisses Jackie off. According to Jackie, she’s mad because Evelyn is inserting herself in Christie family business by talking to Chantel.


We’ve already established that Jackie is touched, but let this be a reminder just in case you forgot.

Next, Tami, Jen and Shaunie get together for girl time and of course their conversation veers to Evelyn. Tami is giving Jen the side eye for being friends with Evelyn again, especially since at one point Jen said she’d never be friends with Evelyn again. Then Shaunie lets it slip that Evelyn does a Tami impersonation, particularly her walk.

Emphasis on “Shaunie let it slip,” because we all know that Shaunie is a throw-rocks-and-hide-hands type. Tami doesn’t find this amusing and shows them her walk again as she sashays away.


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