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Kanye West on TMZ

Here we go…..this dude right here. Mr. West was recently on TMZ trying to explain himself about his recent “love” for “The Trumpster”. Kanye has expressed that he likes what Trump is trying to do (he doesn’t agree with everything, but for the most part he’s a fan), he dogs out Obama, & says that African Americans need to open their minds. Okay….that didn’t go over well, so then he stopped by TMZ to explain himself. That’s when he really just, dropped the ball to say the least. He said slavery “sounded like a choice to him”. All I’m gonna say is shouts to my man Van, a senior editor at TMZ who spoke out & represented for the REAL. Hit Youtube up & check out the clip. I’m gonna fall back on this one, because I’ll bring it ‘too real’ on this here ‘blog!’ Hahahaha!!! Get it together Mr. West….I’m OUT!