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As a parent, I’m not convinced that black history is being taught in schools as much as I would like.  So, I’m doing something about it!  Today, I introduce to you my new segment, “I’m Black, I’m Proud.”  This segment will highlight black inventors that paved the way for modern technology.  So, as I educate myself and my daughter about our history, I hope to educate you and your family too.

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Today, we celebrate Dr. Shirley Jackson.  Jackson is an American physicist who received her Ph.D from the infamous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1973.  She was the first African American women to earn a doctorate in nuclear physics from the institution.  Currently, she is the eighteenth president of Rensselaer  Polytechnic Institute.  Want to know what her experiments in theoretical physics paved the way for in the telecommunications industry??   It helped with the invention of the touch-tone telephone, the portable fax, and caller ID, call waiting and fiber-optic cable!!  So the next time you’re on the phone, and someone else tries to “beep in”, and you look at the caller ID and say, “Nahhh, I’m not answering that.”  You can thank Dr. Shirley Jackson for those capabilities!!!

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