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On Tuesday, Donald Trump gave his State of the Union address to Congress and it was filled with savage meme-worthy moments.

New Health and Human Services Secretary Sworn In At The White House

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All of the shade was courtesy of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) who was already over Trump from the start. This past week, 45 has been bragging about how Black unemployment rates are down under his presidency. The CBC shut that down real quick, letting it be known that Obama probably had more to do with the lowering rates.

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Next, the CBC arranged a well executed wardrobe coordination where they wore West African kente cloth. This was a way to protest Trump’s “sh*thole country” remarks about Haiti and parts of Africa.

Old School 105.3 Text Club

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Finally, during Trump’s speech, he once again brought up the idea that Black unemployment rates were low under his presidency. Watch the clip below to see the CBC’s reaction.

Over it.

Much of the Internet agreed. Swipe through for some hilarious reactions!

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