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3. Misty Knight (Marvel)

You may not be familiar with Misty Knight but she is total bad-a** and known for ridding New York City of its criminals.

She is former NYPD cop, who lost her right arm in a bombing but thanks to Tony Stark better known as Iron Man, she receives a bionic prosthetic and starts a private investigation agency with close friend Colleen Wing, to form the crime fighting duo, Daughters of the Dragon. She frequently work with popular heroes like Luke Cage and Iron Fist, who are known for taking the law into their own hands in the name of justice.

If you want a hint at what Misty Knight act and looks like outside of the comic books, check out “Luke Cage” on Netflix, where Simone Missick currently portrays her. (See her picture below).

Should they make a Luke Cage movie, can’t you just Blige dressed in red spandex outfit with an afro puff hairstyle, not to mention she would have a cool bionic arm and hell of weaponry. Plus, it’s no coincidence that they both hail from New York.

Mary J. Blige Wants To Be In A Marvel Movie? Here Are 3 Black Female Superheroes She Could Play  was originally published on tlcnaptown.com

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