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2. Philippus (DC Comics)

Again, since Blige loved the latest Wonder Woman movie so much, another good African-American female superhero character she might want to dip into is Philippus.

Philippus is a Themyscirian Amazon that served as Captain of the Royal Guard and Queen Hippolyta’s highest general. In the comic books she was a trusted advisor to the Queen and helped to raise and train a young Diana (Wonder Woman) in her youth.

In the 2017 Wonder Woman film, Philippus is played by Ann Ogbomo (see her picture below).

Similar to Nubia, it’s a very slim chance that Phillippus will get her own movie but as they continue to move forward with Wonder Woman movies, Phillippus’s role may expand, opening the door for Blige, plus we would love to see her in full Amazonian gear wielding a weapon and showing off her high levels of hand-to-hand combat!

Mary J. Blige Wants To Be In A Marvel Movie? Here Are 3 Black Female Superheroes She Could Play  was originally published on tlcnaptown.com

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