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Much like her character in TV One’s new film Miss Me This Christmas, Eva Marcille is the girlfriend you call, in real life, when you’re going through a breakup. The actress and reality TV star plays Trish McDonald in the feel good holiday flick and personifies that ride-or-die friend, who you keep on speed dial just in case your man acts up. These days, Eva is living a blissful family life. She and her boyfriend Michael T. Sterling are expecting their first child together and expanding their family to four.

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Eva Marcille

Source: TV One / TV One

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Miss Me This Christmas stars the hilarious Erica Ash, who offers heartbreak with a side of laughter in her character Regina. Regina is convinced her husband Franklin, played by Redaric Williams, cheated on her during a night partying with colleagues, which leaves their once fairy-tale marriage on the rocks. With divorce looming, Regina finds comfort in a new man and her sister-friend Trish.

“My character, I play a very outgoing and eclectic type of personality, which runs congruent with who I am. I’m the kind of friend every girl needs. It’s really nice when life is all perfect and good, but when life is getting you down and things are not going the way you want them to go, it’s really nice to have a girlfriend who is in your corner and by your side.”

There are different personalities is every group of friends and Eva classifies herself as the “ride-or-die friend.

“I’m the girl you call when you find out he was cheating on you and you need to bust the windows out of his car,” she says. “I’m the girl you call when it’s going down. If you don’t want to retaliate, do not call me. I have a cousin (and this is a real life story, she’s going to kill me for telling this story). She found out her husband wanted a divorce and I felt like he was such an a-hole how he went about it and while she’s in the middle of mourning, I’m ready to fight. I’m like ‘What time is his flight? When is he gonna get there?’ I didn’t realize it was a bit too much, because I felt like it was so appropriate and if I don’t do it who’s going to do it?”

But who is there for Eva when she’s going through her own drama? “I have a friend named Crystal Renay, she’s married to Ne-Yo and she is my pop off friend. If it’s going down and I need someone to ride, she is the first person I call. And I promise you she will pack up her fancy car and be there. She is from Fort Meyers who is a very regular girl who  was blessed with an extravagant life. She is that friend to me whenever I’m in my rut or I’m down.”

Eva Marcille

Source: TV One / TV One

Eva admits she’s had to call on Crystal a few times for her own situations. “Life isn’t always rosy and peachy. Single motherhood wasn’t always easy. I’m so fortunate now to have a situation where’s there’s two of us, but when I first had my daughter it was just me. There were times where I really needed a hand and Crystal was there.”

We imagine Eva is making less of “those” kinds of calls and more calls to gush over her politician boyfriend and impending bundle of joy. Eva candidly opens up about the first time they met and why they kept their relationship under wraps for so long.

“He and I started dating about three years go. I brought him out to the world about a year ago just to give us time to build a foundation for ourselves and get him acclimated to this entertainment life and me to the political world because he is an attorney by trade. He’s a former federal prosecutor and senior advisor to the mayor of Atlanta. There’s a lot that comes with dating an entertainer and a lot that comes with dating a politician. He decided to run for mayor of Atlanta, which was an amazing run (the final election is Dec. 5). During his run, we found out we were pregnant, which was so awesome.”

While Eva reveals she was shocked by the news, her father-to-be boyfriend wasn’t so surprised. “On his first try he got a boy, which is what every man wants. And so we are just elated over here. And my daughter gets to get a sibling and so in the market for a sister or brother, especially a brother. So we’re happy.”

“While I was in Atlanta on production, Sasha Williams reached out to me and said she had tickets for a Kevin Hart show, however if I wanted these tickets I would have to come this fundraiser. I thought, it wouldn’t hurt. My mom was in town, I had my nanny in tow. We all went to this fundraiser where I met this man named Michael T. Sterling and I thought he was very interesting. I didn’t know right away what it was, but there was something about him.”

So pretty much Eva has Kevin Hart to thank for her newfound happiness. “Thank you so much Kevin Hart for bringing Black love together. You have no idea.”

The two hit it off and have been inseparable since their first date at Del Frisco. With their relationship stronger than ever, Eva decided to move to Atlanta. She immediately called the queen of ATL, NeNe Leakes, who welcomed her to the city with open arms.

“She thought it would be a really cool idea if I got to know some of her friends, who really shook up the street of Atlanta. One of them being Marlo Hampton, who I actually knew prior to joining the Housewives. Just getting to know a group of friends in ATL, NeNe wanted to provide that for me and she did a really good job. These girls are boat loads of fun and they are really good girls.”

So how is Eva prepared to handle all the shade Atlanta has to offer? “I keep my daggers sharpened. I’m the pop-off friend but I’m not the petty friend.”

Catch Miss Me This Christmas December 3 at 7pm on TV One.

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