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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 9

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Bravo provided some Easter Sunday night ratchet with part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. The shady peaches came together, dressed like they’re going to a prom, to rehash the season, as per the usual.


It starts off light weight, covering Cynthia’s vaginal rejuvenation, and who dated a rich African (again), but then Sheree and Kenya’s house-gate comes up and kicks up the drama. Kenya and Sheree argued about who had a lien on who’s home, who’s home looks better than who’s. The usual petty stuff with nothing really getting resolved.


Kandi and Phaedra’s dead friendship came up again. Kandi called Phaedra out on being fake—how she plays Positive Patty on camera, but really she’s the type to throw rocks and hide her hands. The bottom line is, their friendship has been dead for several seasons, and it really just needs to be left alone.


Then the convo then shifts to how Phaedra and Kenya’s newfound friendship, which seemed promising, went south again after divorce party-gate. Kenya and Phaedra talked in circles about how Phaedra is still holding a grudge against Kenya for flirting with Apollo, and then they go way back to how they fell out over the fitness video and basically, they just don’t eff with each other. Kenya got her turn to call Phaedra fake and they started arguing back and forth about who’s faker.


Finally, Porsha’s anger management situation came up. The general consensus here is that Porsha is also fake and she only goes to anger management for cameras. Kenya and Porsha went at it for a hot second, and then It went from Kenya and Porsha’s drama to Kandi and Porsha’s situation, but their back and forth is cut short due to time, but the main theme seems to be that Frick and Frack, aka Phaedra and Porsha are not the realest.

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Next week it’s about to be on and poppin again for this historic four-part reunion, but you know we’re really waiting for that juicy bombshell to drop where Phaedra gets caught in a major lie.


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