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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta finds the crew back in the A after a dramaful (yes, dramaful) trip to Hawaii. First up is Cynthia, who is putting together a fashion show. She has even agreed to have Sheree’s son, Cairo, walk. The problem is, Cairo looks like a model, but his walk and mannerisms need a lot of work. It also doesn’t help that Sheree is a stage mom and asking for compensation where there won’t be any. The thing is, because Cairo is a newbie and has never been in a fashion show, Cynthia says it’s standard that he doesn’t get paid and that he should just be happy to be in the show. Oop. Raise your hand if you sense some friction coming between Sheree and Cynthia over Cairo’s modeling later on.


Surprisingly though, the fashion show went off without a hitch later on, and Cairo did a good job.

In other news, Porsha is still trying to have a baby with her man, Todd, but she came up with the idea of making him sign a “babynup” before moving forward. You know prenups? Yeah, a babynup is along the lines of that. Porsha’s thing is, she wants to make sure she’s protected in the event that she gets knocked up and Todd decides he doesn’t want to marry her. Later on she presents it to Todd, after having Phaedra read it over, and he thinks it’s a dumb idea. Big shocker.


Kenya is baffled by this re-opened rift between she and Phaedra aka Phony Phae-Phae, especially since their relationship was seemingly headed in a good direction, so she links up with her cousin and Aunt Sisqo Aunt to lament her problems. You can also add Matt to the list of her issues. Yup, they’re still doing the back and forth dance.

Meanwhile, Kandi spills all the tea from Hawaii to Mama Joyce, with emphasis on shenanigans with Porsha and how Phaedra is lowkey the root of the problem. You know Mama Joyce lapped it up and if you know Mama Joyce, then you know she can’t wait to see Phaedra again so she can be as shady and rude as possible.


Speaking of Shaedra, remember how she has been helping Kandi’s ex-assistant, Johnnie Winston set up his lawsuit? Well, that hasn’t gone anywhere. Phaedra claims she’s uncomfortable representing Johnnie herself, so she connected him to a lawyer who can help him, which is still shady. Phaedra mentioned that she wants no part of the drama, but she went to the meeting between Johnnie and the lawyer, which she referred him to, that will potentially represent him, and she hasn’t even given Kandi a heads up that this man is planning to sue for lost wages, and he added a new claim to the suit — that he’s the one who created the concept for Kandi’s play, A Mother’s Love.

Phaedra knows dang well she could have told Johnnie that if he needed a lawyer he better take his fingers to Google and call it a life.


Kenya meets up with Matt again to discuss…whatever. It doesn’t go well. Matt gets upset, as usual, and claims that Kenya refuses to own her part in their drama. He revealed that they’re still having sex. Kenya apologized for hurting him but tells him that she can’t do the dysfunction anymore. Matt, although angry, doesn’t blow up like he usually does—aka no inanimate objects were damaged—and Kenya resolves to leave him alone, again, for real for real, this time because she can’t deal with their toxic relationship.

Anyway, they’ll be back next week!



Maybe Matt was mad because she didn’t pay him what she initially promised for helping her keep her storyline going. Okay, that was totally my imagination, but you know that’s not a far fetched theory. Anyway, see you next week for another dramaful recap.


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