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In the fall of 1985, Zapp & Roger released Computer Love, a hit song that forecasted a future world of online dating. During the 80s, very few people owned personal computers or cell phones. So idea of computer love was just a fantasy. Fast forward twenty years, the price of personal computers and cell phone decreased and both items were in high demand. The age of Aquarius had almost arrived and people were using technology to solve their problems. Due to the changing economy, Americans were working more and socializing less. So websites like,, and PlentyofFish offered modern technology to connect busy single people. In a recent report by The Pew Research Center, 66% of people who used online dating sites or apps have gone a date with someone from their online dating site and only 5% of married couples say they met their spouse through online dating. Since 2005, online dating site usage by people age 18-24 tripled. According to, 50% of Americans are single, 40% of Americans use online dating, 53% lie on their online dating profile, and 48% of online dating relationships end by email.

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