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Disparities woven into the educational system and breakdowns in the African-American community combine to create disastrous education outcomes for Black students.

The University of Phoenix and NewsOne have partnered to examine the factors that prevent many of our students from achieving high academic results. But we don’t stop there. The mission is also to explore innovative solutions.

We begin with the documentary, Saving Tomorrow, Today – The Curriculum Of New America. Dr. Charles H. F. Davis, director of higher education research at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education, leads us on a journey to connect with educators and community organizers who are applying creative ways to fix the broken education system.

In this video, you will meet several thought leaders who share insights. One innovator discusses how he used a “hip-hop literature program” to teach the elements of great literature to a groups of students in Philadelphia that the school system gave up on.

Another educator talks about ways to end the school-to-prison pipeline, which earmarks black males early in life for the criminal justice system. He suggests replacing zero tolerance in schools with a system of restorative justice.

These educators and researchers make the case for bringing more black teachers into classrooms as a way to create a culture of high expectation and high achievement. There’s a need for teachers who believe in their students and are invested in their future.

Saving Tomorrow, Today is the first step toward open the door to a better future for our children.

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