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Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta 'Royal Tea Affair'

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Last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta ended with Porsha nearly blowing up, so this week’s had to counterbalance that by being more lowkey, but we’re not done with the drama. The episode opens with Kenya and Phaedra linking up to chat about their upcoming glamping trip. Everything seems peachy with those two, but Phaedra still has one eye open when it comes to Kenya, because you know how she likes to poke. Meanwhile, Porsha is at one of her counseling sessions talking about how she “got attacked” by the other women.


How the ladies approached her was appropriate, but that wasn’t really an attack.


Her therapist is proud of the fact that she was able to disengage from the situation. Porsha isn’t really feeling the idea of a girls trip with them, but if she does go she’s going to bring a friend to make sure she has at least one supportive person with her. Fair enough.

Cynthia officially moved into her lake house, so Kenya came over to help her celebrate. This is where Cynthia fills Kenya in on her conversation with Matt. Kenya goes on about how she’s dating a child and we just start to tune her out because if we know that she needs to leave her fake boyfriend Matt alone, then she’s well aware of this too. Eventually, Cynthia mentions the drama queen comment she made and Kenya gets annoyed because she doesn’t feel like Cynthia has her back. She thinks Cynthia went too easy on Matt and questions where her loyalty lies so, she storms out, tired of feeling like the bad guy.

Kandi invited Cynthia, Porsha, Sheree, Marlo, and her friends, Lena and Hazel, to a surprise white party in celebration of Shamea’s engagement. Sheree came with the messiness tea, which is that Porsha probably won’t come because of tension with Kandi. Shamea gets upset about this since Porsha is her “best friend.” Kandi and Sheree started spilling tea about who said what (namely Phaedra talking smac) about Shamea behind her back and how Porsha didn’t seem to have her back about it. Shamea plans to deal with her girl later on.


Shamea made good on her word and stopped by Porsha’s house to chat about why she wasn’t at the party. Porsha began to wax poetic about how she didn’t go because she didn’t want to risk any drama with Kandi. Shamea thinks Porsha should have come just on the strength on their friendship, but Porsha actually did the mature thing. You know these ladies don’t play well together at all. Every event gets ruined by beef, so bravo to Porsha.  Anyway, Shamea then questions Porsha about not saying anything when Phaedra was talking smack about her, and that’s when Porsha gets amnesia. This conversation doesn’t really go anywhere, but Shamea warns Porsha to be careful around Shaedra, especially since she used to talk a lot of smack about her too.

Now it’s time for the glamping trip.

Sheree is taking Marlo, but doesn’t tell the other girls so they’re surprised to see her. Eventually, Cynthia Kenya (those two have made up by now), Kandi, her friend Hazel, Phaedra, Porsha and her sister, Lauren meet up at Kenya’s place to embark on their journey. The RV ride to the camp site is full of shady shenanigans, as expected, and at some point the topic of Porsha’s melt down comes up again. She starts talking about how she felt attacked by them (and surprisingly remains calm the entire time), yatta, yatta. Kandi mentions that she had an attitude from jump. The rest of them are just looking at her like:


And this conversation isn’t over. Next week, the crew reaches their destination and the drama will be turned up. You know there has never been a trip that hasn’t gone off without a hitch on this show, and, based on the previews, it looks like Marlo is about to come out throwing major shots.


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