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The Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago conducted a survey of young adults that revealed many millennials still don’t think President Donald Trump will serve the interests of the Black community.

According to the extensive survey, only 21 percent of Whites think Black people’s lives will improve during Trump’s presidency, while 14 percent of Asian Americans, 9 percent of Latinos and only 7 percent of Blacks polled think their lives will improve.

Alternatively, the GenForward survey revealed 67 percent of Latinos believe White people’s lives will improve with Trump, while 62 percent of Asians, 59 percent of Blacks and 45 percent of Whites think their lives will be better with Trump as president.

David J. Knight of the Black Youth Project GenForward Research Team spoke with Roland Martin during Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now about the data compiled in the polling results.

Knight explained the GenForward poll quantifies America’s problems with race and said, “Young people from different racial groups believe the single biggest issue that is dividing this country is race––not ideology, not partisanship, but race.”

When asked if former President Barack Obama united the country, 57 percent of African-Americans believed he was a unifier, while 57 percent of Latinos, 46 percent of Asian Americans and only 26 percent of Whites viewed the nation’s first Black president as someone who helped the country coalesce.

Despite the belief that we are living in a post-racial America, Knight said, “There is a real divide between how young people are evaluating Barack Obama.”

According to Knight, the former president received high marks for his character and overall performance, while White youth did not share their sentiment and evaluated President Obama with numbers significantly lower.

Watch Roland Martin, David J. Knight and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the findings of the GenForward poll in the video clip above.

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