How can something so small contain so much information? The Rosetta Project and The Long Now Foundation have joined forces to promote a project that wants to push for long-term thinking in today’s fast-paced world. They have created a disk and  The disk itself can fit into the palm of your hand, but may be heavy and clunky. It has now been downsized to not only be lighter, but to be worn as jewelry, containing over 1,000 pages of different languages that relay words of wisdom and knowledge.

A first of its kind, the Rosetta Wearable Disk necklace holds a digital library of sorts containing different human languages. The first version was released in 2008 and was given to select places, globally. They created this necklace as a way to create a smaller version of the Rosetta disk, with the same technology, in order to make more copies and keep the information safe. It’s harder to loose the information when there is more copies.

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The #RosettaProject is a #global #collaboration of #language #specialists and native speakers working to develop a contemporary version of the historic #RosettaStone to last from 2000 to 12,000 AD; it is run by the #LongNow Foundation. Its goal is a meaningful survey and near permanent archive of 1,500 languages. Some of these languages have fewer than one thousand speakers left. Others are considered to be dying out because #government #centralization and #globalization are #increasing the prevalence of English and other major languages. The intention is to create a unique platform for comparative linguistic research and education, as well as a functional linguistic tool that might help in the recovery or revitalisation of lost languages in the future.The project is creating this broad language archive through an open contribution, open review process similar to the strategy that created the original Oxford English Dictionary. The resulting archive will be publicly available in three different media: a micro-etched nickel alloy disc three inches (7.62 cm) across with a 2,000 year life expectancy; a single volume #monumental #reference #book; and a growing #online #archive.

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The disk holding the different languages is embedded inside nickel that is highlighted with gold color and attached to a chain, to make the necklace useful and attractive. A microscope will be needed to read the contents of the disk, which reveal similar messages that were painted on cave walls thousands of years ago. They main text they chose for all the different languages was the pre-amble of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, which is translated in about 330 languages. 

Talk about fashioning our future. Love that they are thinking about the preservation of our languages and making it accessible to all.

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