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On Saturday, the Rev. Al Sharpton and his National Action Network held their We Shall Not Be Moved march and rally in Washington.

An estimated 2,000 people turned out despite the rainy, icy weather. The message: rollbacks on hard-won civil rights and economic justice victories will not be tolerated.

Michael Eric Dyson, activist and author who was one of the participants in the march, told NewsOne Now: “This march is important because it is a witness of consciousness and a testimony of both resistance and anger at the way things are. What we’re trying to say today is that Donald Trump will not exhaust our ability to tell the truth about American democracy and we will not capitulate to him without a resistance and a conscience.” 

Marc Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League, told NewsOne Now, “We’re going to stand up if there is any effort to roll back progress that we’ve made.”

NewsOne Now guest host Lauren Victoria Burke expressed her frustration with demonstrations where activists march and have no clear goal or defined objective as to why they are protesting. She said during Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now, “We march and sort of walk down the street and think that something is going to happen and we end up with no agenda and no real sort of specific ask when we have a meeting with a leader.”

Eugene Craig, III, CEO of the Eugene Craig Organization, was critical of Saturday’s march, saying, “There was no solution presented, there was no meeting called.”

Craig also took issue with the timing of the march. “You bring 2,000 people to D.C., you do it on a day when Congress is actually in session, and you demand a meeting with the powers that be and actually try to find a solution,” he said.

Burke later said in the 1950s and ’60s, “marching down the street actually worked––that was like a big deal in the South––cops got upset, authorities got upset.”

She continued, “Now you march down the street, the police are like, ‘OK, we’ll march with you, we’ll give you the permit, we’re a part of your march’––it’s just not the same type of thing.”

Watch NewsOne Now guest host Lauren Victoria Burke and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the impact of the protest demonstrations that may or may not have a clearly defined agenda in the video clip above.

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