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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York opens with Drewski drama. He’s back together with Sky, but they’re still dealing with trust issues. Drewski explains to Juelz Santana that he set up a camera in his house and caught Sky snooping through his phone. Now he feels some type of way because he got what he was looking for. Juelz can relate to the snoopy girlfriend because Kimbella stalks his life too. However, Juelz keeps it mature and ells Drewski that he should stop playing CIA and just have an adult conversation with Sky. Cam’Ron shows up to the party tells Drewski the same thing. Later on, Drewski confronts Sky about snooping, but it doesn’t go over well because Drewski had the nerve to leak the footage of her snooping online. Sky is pissed. There is no real resolution here, except now they live together and we realize they moved too fast.


Peter Gunz informs Rich Dollaz that he reconciled with Cisco and encourages him to do the same. Rich Dollaz is over it because he thinks Cisco is full of ish, especially since this isn’t the first time Cisco has violated their friendship. Basically, how many times can you forgive someone if they keep doing you wrong? Hold that thought, because there will be another showdown.

Erika and Samantha try to get the drop on Yandy by informing Judy that Yandy and Mendeecees aren’t really married. Judy was looking at them like:


As far as Judy is concerned, Yandy and Mendeecees are married and she’s tired of Samantha and Erika’s drama (we find out later that Judy knew about the marriage situation because Mendeecees already informed her). Later on, Judy fills Yandy in on the details of her chat with the other babymamas.Yandy is annoyed, as per the usual, but reveals that she got ahold of the recorded conversations where Erika and Samantha are plotting against her and seems to think that she can have a conversation with Samantha to try to talk some sense into her.

Back to Cisco…

Rich is right about him because we find out that he’s snaking around again. This time around, he strikes a deal with Major Galore, behind Self’s back, to work with her on her music. He plans to help Major solidify that spot in the Powerhouse showcase as a way to spite Self and get back at MariahLynn.

Finally, we get to Major Galore and Mariahlynn’s competition for the Powerhouse spot. Peter Gunz and Rich Dollaz showed up to support Self and give their input about the performances. In short, this isn’t productive. Mariah and Major go back and forth arguing, and then Major drops some gossip that she got from Cisco about having to put groceries in Mariah’s fridge. Peter questions where that info came from and once he heard, “Cisco,” he side-eyed, realizing that Cisco is gonna Cisco, just like he thought. Anyway, Major and Mariah almost threw blows, but security broke it up and Self never got to pick who won. Later on, Self tried to bring Major and Mariah together again to discuss their differences and they tried to go at it again until Self then forced them to apologize to each other. They did, and then Self got the scoop on how Cisco got into the mix. They all deduced that Cisco used Major to get back at them. Major feels some type of way about this, but Self says he has a plan to get back at Cisco.


Now it’s time for Rich and Cisco to link up to discuss their differences. Rich is tired of these discussions, but humors Rich anyway. It surprisingly gets emotional. Rich fights back tears as he demands to know what Cisco is gaining from his habitual backstabby behavior. Cisco does the same song and dance about being sorry and having a lot going on, yatta yatta. In short, emotions ran high, but Rich is still over it and it doesn’t look like they’re going to be friends any time soon.


The episode concludes with Yandy, supported by Judy, confronting Erika to tell her that she’s aware of ther sabotage attempts. Erika plays dumb and Judy confirms that she heard the recordings too. Samantha shows up and all hell breaks loose. The bickering begins again, at some point Samantha calls Yandy a “bi–h” and Yandy surprisingly swings on Samantha (probably because she knew security was there).

Next week, we’ll really get to see the fallout from this unfold.


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