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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 8

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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta is pretty chill, but that usually means we’re in for a doozy next time around. If you saw the preview to next week’s episode then you get it. Anyway, let’s get back to tonight.

Marlo is back, and she and Sheree have managed to put their South Africa beef aside and become friends. Anyone else wondering why Marlo is always just a satellite but not yet an official peach?


Anyway, Marlo and Kenya aren’t cool anymore so that’s the focal point of Marlo’s extended five minutes for now. Speaking of Kenya, she’s still doing this Matt drama stuff. When Kenya got home from Charlotte, she discovered that Matt spray painted her security cameras, broke the windows out of her garage door again, and the windows in her car. She calls Kandi in tears to explain what happened. Kandi is being patient with her, and telling her the obvious, which is to leave him alone, but the rest of us are watching like:


Kandi sums it up by handing Kenya yet another memo from Captain Obvious. Perhaps it’s to get a restraining order and cut him off for good. Kandi also tells Kenya that she should consider moving in with she and Todd for a minute, just to get away from him and to clear her head, but that might eventually become a problem. It might be a problem because now Cynthia won’t be able to move into her lake house on the timetable she expected. Kenya, knowing this, offered for Cynthia and Noelle to move in with her temporarily, but that was before the Matt stuff popped up…you see where this is going.

Cut to the moment when Kenya actually shows up at Kandi’s house asking about where her bedroom is. That’s when we realize that Kandi didn’t actually think Kenya would take her up on that offer. And then…Cynthia shows up (because Kenya invited her), and explains her house situation, so of course she wants to know if she and Noelle can stay with Kandi too. Kandi’s house is massive, but taking all those house guests on could get exhausting really fast. Kandi just looked at them like:


For now, the, everyone is moving in with Kandi saga is to be continued.

The episode concludes with Phaedra’s main event. She organized a pop up shop for charity. All the gang participated, either selling products or at least showing up to shop. We randomly get to meet Apollo’s mom, who came to support Phaedra, and Marlo came through to support Sheree, who was selling t-shirts. The tension between Marlo and Kenya is thick, though. That’s evident when Marlo walked in without speaking to Kenya. However, instead of leaving it alone, Kenya decided to step to Marlo and apologize for not inviting her to the housewarming—you know be the fake bigger person. The disingenuous apology doesn’t go over that well. Marlo reminds her that she also wasn’t invited to her birthday party so Kenya starts explaining herself and then Marlo informs Kenya that she’s really just making excuses. Eventually, start getting a little…passionate in talking to each other, so Kenya decides to disengage by walking away. Nothing is resolved here, but at least they didn’t act a’fool at the pop up shop.

Next week, it’s going to be Porsha’s turn to act like a child.


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