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For most women wearing some type of shapewear or girdle is an uncomfortable reality at some point in their lives and regardless of how comfy they proclaim to be, you reach your breaking point sooner or later. That is exactly what happened to Hidden Figures co-stars Octavia Spencer and Kirsten Dunst, who recall the moment when they decided that enough was enough and that they simply couldn’t stand their girdle torture any longer.

'Hidden Figures' New York Special Screening

Source: Michael Stewart / Getty

Hidden Figures is a period film set in the 60s, which means that the wardrobe is meant to reflect a certain period of time and this includes undergarments as well. Speaking to the Huffington Post, actress Octavia Spencer detailed the very uncomfortable circumstances that propelled her and co-star Kirsten Dunst to do away with their girdles entirely while filming.

During filming in the warm and humid temperatures in Atlanta, the undergarments were so constricting that Spencer dubbed the situation “Girdlegate” and put off wearing it when she had any down time on-set. However one day after lunch, she and Dunst just couldn’t take it anymore.

Spencer says, “It was literally right after lunch and I’m thinking, ‘I’m not going to be able to work,’” [she] recalled, laughing at the memory. “And then Kirsten got sick, I got sick.” After both actresses started feeling ill due to their girdles, Spencer stated “I just finally had a moment: ‘I’m not wearing a girdle! I’m just not doing it,’” Spencer declared, to which [director Theodore] Melfi responded, “You don’t have to wear the girdle! Why are you wearing a girdle?’

After Spencer and Dunst declared that their girdle-wearing days were over, the film’s director Theodore Melfi told the cast that no one had to wear a girdle anymore, to which Spencer said “I was like, ‘I love him for that.’”

Women’s undergarments can become so binding at times that you have to do away with them for a bit to keep your sanity! Hidden Figures is playing in select cities now and opens nationwide on January 6th.


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