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Another racist video is making its rounds on the internet, proving that we better brace ourselves for Donald Trump’s new America.

Former Oregon City High student, Marcus Hasan, took to Twitter last week to share a disturbing Snapchat video of fellow students going off about black people enrolling in their school, and even described their Principal Tom Lovell using a racial slur.

One student says in the video, “What do you think about n****rs? Tom Lovell is a f*cking n****r who arranges five n****rs a day coming into the school at OCHS. F*ck him. N****r.” As for why Hasan shared the insensitive video, he said that the video “made me feel kind of sick because no one should be using [the N-word].” He explained, “When I saw the video I just felt like I needed to post it because all the racist stuff that’s been going around in Oregon City. And I don’t think like everybody really knows what that word means and why they shouldn’t be saying that.”

Principal Lovell posted a statement on Twitter saying that the recent video incident represented “[e]xactly the type of negative behavior we are trying to stop. It won’t be tolerated. There will be severe consequences for this.”

The parents of one of the students seen in the video also apologized in a statement, saying, “Our son apologizes for his role in this event and deeply regrets the part he played in disseminating that hateful message. He has never used that kind of language or expressed views similar to those in our presence.”

According to reports, the racially charged video could lead to expulsion for the students involved.

Source: Raw Story, Oregon Live


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